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Acoustic Panel | Wnder Certified Products

Acoustic Panel

from €1.450

Think acoustic insulation is boring? Think again! The Acoustic Panel turns sound in living and working spaces into a pleasantly sensual experience. Designed as an ear-tickling eyecatcher, the panel is perfectly suited for customization. Feel free to completely make it your own, in the colour and size you prefer.

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Made to order and made to measure, the panel perfectly integrates itself into your interior or workspace. The Wunder Acoustic Panel is available in a maximum size of 2.45 by 1.85 metres!

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Will you pick a colour that contrasts with the rest of the space or are you more of a ton-sur-ton type? Choose the colour of your liking for both the frame and the panel.


The Acoustic Panel is manufactured from recycled PET bottles. A sustainable solution for better acoustic comfort and a better world.

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