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About Wünder

Fresh, inspiring and Belgian. Wünder offers innovative, elegant and characteristic outdoor design.

Conceived and made in Belgium, we excel in elegance and timelessness. By serving you a combination of durable and colourful materials and attention to even the slightest detail, we are committed to make your day.


Our view

We believe that fresh, Belgian design, crafted locally and with high-end materials, will put a proud and happy smile on your face. That’s why we create elegant products who fiercely pierce fleeting fads. We deliver sharp lines and remarkable details that’ll charm for life.



Every day we consciously opt for a sustainable and short production chain. Wünder conceives and creates all its products in Belgium and only engages the best local craftsmen to execute them. High-end raw materials are thus formed into pieces for you to enjoy over and over again.



There’s a little spark of Wünder in every one of us: we are no-nonsense, open-minded, and inspiring. All Wünder designs are invented by our own team or by collabs with Belgian designers. Do you have a wild idea of your own or just looking for someone to co-create with? Please buzz our brain!

Arthur Nevejan, zaakvoerder Wünder | Ongecompliceerd Belgisch Design

Arthur Nevejan

Commercial Catalysator

Sander Debo, productontwikkelaar Wünder | Ongecompliceerd Belgisch Design

Sander Debo

Product Specialist

Winter Verslype


Björn De Vos, productdesigner Wünder | Ongecompliceerd Belgisch Design

Björn De Vos

Aesthetic Designer

With an eye for quality, sustainability and local craftmanship, Wünder is creating products with a powerful pureness. Fresh outdoor design for memorable get-togethers under the starry night.

Discover our products

Back to basics, only different


Björn De Vos


Product designer at the source of each object with the Wünder name. The underlying principle: a simple idea from a different perspective.

We design our products with one rule in mind: simple is beautiful.


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